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Shining A Light On Lindale

Shining A Light On Lindale

First, I felt like I had known her forever. Second, she’s extremely down to earth and what you see is what you get. She shared her passion for her community of Lindale, all things Miranda, and the inspiration behind the new cookbook, Y’all Eat Yet?

When a small-town girl gets famous, she can either embrace her roots and build up her hometown or she can adopt a new city, making it her own. Miranda Lambert did both. Miranda has become a household name in the country music industry, with numerous award-winning songs and record-breaking contributions to the music business. Her parents, Bev and Rick, fly under the radar, holding down the Pink Pistol, Red 55 Winery, and Ponderosa Pour House while managing her merchandise for all her shows. Her younger brother Luke, lives in Austin and maintains her websites. The words, “family business” bring on new meaning with the release of the recent cookbook inspired by family, and friends so close you call them family.

What began with a small retail store in Tishomingo, OK in 2012 that opened as a hobby for Miranda when she wasn’t on the road, has evolved into a tourist attraction right here in Lindale, TX. bringing in 50K+ tourists a year. Seeing the Pink Pistol revitalize the small town in Oklahoma, Miranda hoped to give her hometown a similar boost. When the Tishomingo location closed it seemed a natural fit to move the Pink Pistol back home. “Making the Pink Pistol a destination by not selling online is something Miranda felt strongly about,” said Beverly. In addition, finding a location that physically brings people into town, rather than right off the interstate was a very conscious decision. Since that time, the city has seen fewer empty storefronts with more new businesses opening downtown.

While not everyone shares the same enthusiasm for growth in Lindale, undoubtedly that’s what builds a prosperous economy and keeps families close. Attracting teachers, healthcare professionals and businesses that better serve the community are direct results of a thriving small town. Supporting the local economy is important to the Lamberts. They shop, eat and frequent Lindale establishments. They don’t take their roles as business owners lightly and determination and hard work are two things the Lambert’s don’t shy away from. It’s a testament to the fact they kept all 13 of their employees working during the Covid shutdown.

A former headhunter for the oil industry, Bev joined her husband as a private investigator when Miranda was little. Later she focused on finding missing persons so she could be home more with the kids. Married for 42 years, the Lamberts know how to play to one another’s strengths. Bev recalled Rick’s advice on how to stay happily married by having one thing you love to do together and one thing you don’t. Bev was quick to point out music as something they both love. Rick was singing and writing songs before Miranda was born. No strangers to economic hardship, the young couple lost everything after the oil crash in the late 80’s when they were forced to start over completely. Music was a tool in overcoming that hardship in the form of bringing friends and family together for “porch picking” evenings. The love for music, food and community are still present today and served as motivation to write the new cookbook, Ya’ll Eat Yet? Bev and her closeknit group of friends, along with Miranda’s Nonny are not only inspiration but they are also included in the book. This isn’t just a cookbook; it also includes stories and anecdotes that helped shape Miranda into the woman she is today.

Miranda and her parents share a lot, including their passion for helping animals. This has also extended to helping the local community in the form of a leash-free dog park located behind Muttnation Station. The adoption center works with the Tyler Junior College Vet Tech Program to ensure every potential adoptee receives spay/neuter services, vaccines, and temperament testing. Miranda’s MuttNation Foundation is in its 14th year and has raised over 5 million in support of shelters, rescue, and adoption events with a special focus on aiding storm ravaged communities.

After building up a successful enterprise here in Lindale I asked Bev what’s next? After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021, as soon as the deal was closed on the Ponderosa Pour House, Bev was forced to slow down. She designed and decorated the space from home and expressed her frustration of having to do so from bed when she was used to being hands on. Bev shared that she wants to prioritize being present for her family and lifelong friends post recovery. That means no new projects are in the works for now. The time, energy, and heart she has invested into putting Lindale on the map does not go unnoticed. Like her mama, Miranda is proud of her hometown. The fact she takes the opportunity to promote Lindale and shine light on the community ensures a bright future where it can maintain its historic charm and continue to flourish.



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