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Contest Launches In September
Sponsorship Closing Date Is
August 15th

We’re gearing up for our annual photo contest, and this year it will be BIGGER and better then ever!

Become a category or contest sponsor for our annual contest. By sponsoring, you directly support the art of visual Texas storytelling and connect your brand with passionate photographers from across the Lone Star State and beyond.

This is an opportunity to highlight your commitment to supporting extraordinary talent. If you’d like to view how a category will be presented, CLICK HERE .

For more information on the contest and sponsorship opportunities, please fill out the form below. Thanks for your consideration, and we look forward to having you on board for this years contest.

Please let us know what sponsorship category you're interested in.
Questions? Have an idea on how to make the contest more successful? Let us know.

Photo Contest FAQ's

Photos fitting into any of the contest categories will be eligible provided that they were taken in a county that encompass the Texas Forest Trail Region, Texas Hill County Region, Texas Lakes Trail and the Texas Independence Trail Region in Texas. 

Photos from any year are eligible for entry provided that they have not been entered in an earlier year’s edition of the contest. If you have good photos taken in the past, you are urged to enter them.
The contest is restricted to digital photographs, but you may convert your non-digital photos to a digital format to make them eligible for entry.

Yes, any photographer is eligible to enter the contest as long as the photo was taken in  Texas.

Yes, all photographers are welcomed and encouraged to enter, including winners of previous contests.
We can’t promise you this, but every attempt will be made to give credit when reasonably possible.

A panel of Texans will evaluate each entry for creativity, wow factor, and theme related composure.

You will be able to enter up to five (5) photos per category, provided that none of them were entered in a previous year’s edition of the contest. That means you can enter a total of 60 photos – so get that camera out!

This year, we will be running our contest from September 16, 2024 through October 18, 2024.

Photos must be submitted in .jpg format. Large format photos (original size) are requested as they provide better clarity and resolution of the photo.

Any manipulation of images must be limited to cropping and minor adjustments of color and contrast. Any other manipulation will make the photo ineligible for entry.
You must be the original owner of the copyright for your photo to be eligible for entry, and you will retain this copyright. By submitting an entry, you will give permission for royalty-free use of your entered photograph for publicity, display, and fund-raising.

The winners will be announced once the contest closes. Check back on texheritage.com for updates on the contest.

Please feel free to contact us via our contact page by clicking here
For complete photo contest rules and criteria, click here

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